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Polka Milk Spring/Summer 2014 Flavour Guide

polka milk liberty hello kitty release banner

With 7 flavours of Polka Milk to choose from our SS14 collection, it maybe tough to choose between them all . So we’ve put together a little flavour guide for you…

rose and pistachio hello kitty liberty

Rose & Pistachio – The light vibrant hue of the Pistachio coupled with the complex depth and flavour of the Rose flower provide an immense tease to the eyes and tastebuds.

blueberry and tomato hello kitty liberty

Blueberry & Tomato – Zingy bright hues of red from locally sourced Tomatoes combined with the antioxidant rich Blueberry provides a punchy, refreshing boost of happiness to your day.

mango and dragonfruit hello kitty liberty

Mango & Dragon Fruit – The tropical flavours of the Mango and Dragon Fruit give an eye popping explosion of delightful flavours set to send you on an adventure reminiscent of childhood good-times.

grape and ube hello kitty liberty

Grape & Ube – The sweetness of purple Grapes and the distinct deep purple of Ube marry perfectly providing a distinctly refined taste.

matcha and strawberry hello kitty liberty

Matcha & Strawberry – Sourcing high quality Matcha green tea from Kyoto, the ancient Capital of Japan, along with bright and ripe English Strawberries, we have concocted a unique flavour that can only be described as a harmonious balance of East meets West.

elderberry and mint hello kitty liberty

Elderberry & Mint – Made from fresh Mint and pure Elderberry juice which has been given time to mildly ferment to help bring out a truly refined taste for the refined palette. Best described as a subtle, classy and delightful blend.

pomegranate and kale hello kitty liberty

Pomegranate & Kale – The health boosting combination of 100% pressed Pomegranates (not from concentrate) and the nutrient dense Kale helps bring out a healthy rosiness to your cheeks while still being light and crisp on the tongue.

The Polka Milk shop is now open for Pre-Orders for 7 flavours of Liberty x Hello Kitty Polka Milk. Pre-Orders made will be sent out on the day of release, 25th April 2014.

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